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If any of these things are happening to your business or you’re at risk of business bankruptcy. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
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  • Daily collection calls?
  • Falling behind on equipment lease payments?
  • Falling behind on a mortgage or car payments?
  • Using personal assets to secure an advance for your business?
  • Failure to meet crucial payroll obligations?
  • Personal and/or business bank accounts in the red?

The Solutions We Offer

Reduced flexible payments

Cash flow is crucial for your business. We can often settle for as little as half of what you owe now, and stretch out your payments terms, saving you thousands of dollars.

Instant Results

We execute the best strategies possible to get fast, confidential business debt relief, a customized budget for your company, lower monthly debt payments and resources for extra help

Alternative to Bankruptcy

For many businesses, we are the last alternative to bankruptcy. Let us save your livelihood.
We can help you get out of debt before it’s too late.

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The problem with Cash Advances

Cash advances can be a lifesaver to a business owner who needs money fast, but they also can turn into a vicious downward spiral of debt if an entrepreneur isn’t careful. Many entrepreneurs find that their companies become dependent on these advances in order to make ends meet. The allure of fast cash, and the need for working capital often brings them to take out bigger and bigger advances. Before you know it, cash advance payments can quickly eat up most, if not all, of a business’s profit. Sadly, many businesses fall into this trap and shutter their doors because of it.

We can help you reduce payments by UP TO 50%

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